NinjaRabbit's Lemmings Merchandise Collection - Part 6

I hadn't planned on writing another one of these posts until the new official Lemmings merchandise launches in early 2015, but I now have enough new Lemmings items (plus one that I forgot to write about last time!) in my collection to warrant one more entry in this series this year.




Little Plush Faller Keychain (Sewn; Just under 4" tall) - A small plush keychain, which I made freehand from tiny fabric scraps. This means that he's a little wonky. It's the smallest plush item I've ever made. I mistakenly left him out of NinjaRabbit's Lemmings Merchandise Collection Part 5.


3D-printed Talisman Pendant - A coin-sized (approximately 1" diameter) 3D-printed version of the lemmings' guiding Talisman from Lemmings 2: The Tribes, with a small loop at the top so that it can be attached to a necklace or a keychain. I created it by running an edited image of the Talisman through the 2D to 3D tool at


Oh No! Cleaning Cloth - A simple cleaning cloth, made by using pinking shears to cut the white edges off of a swatch of my self-designed Oh No! tribute fabric from






Lomax-themed Dice Bag - A very large dice bag (about 7" tall, with a 5" square base), which I made from purple and brown short-pile plush, with brown and grey felt details, a red herringbone ribbon closure that's secured with a purple spring-toggle, and a custom-printed Lomax-themed lining fabric.


Small Lomax-themed Drawstring Bag - A small pre-made drawstring bag, decorated with a piece of the remainder of the custom lining fabric from my Lomax-themed dice bag. I put it together in order to keep a particular set of themed dice together within my dice bag.

If you'd like to see the rest of my collection to date, you can do so at the links below;

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Thanks very much, guys! :D

I'm really looking forward to the release of the new official merchandise, now. Assuming I don't get impatient and write another one of these, containing only a few fan-made items, before then, the next part of this series will likely be covering a lot of the new stuff.

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