Official Ecco the Dolphin Plush

This entry is extra-special. I finally had the time to get some good photographs of my official Ecco the Dolphin plush, which to the best of my knowledge is one of the most obscure pieces in my collection.

I briefly looked but couldn't find any other mentions of these online, so consider this a contribution to preserving a little bit of UK-specific gaming-related culture, which is a subject that's close to my heart.


I bought Ecco second-hand many, many years ago. When I bought him, I was told that he was a prize from a promotion run by Burton's Biscuits (maker of Wagon Wheels) at the time of the game's release, though I have no idea what the other prizes from said promotion were. I can only assume that Burton's got involved in promoting Ecco the Dolphin due to the success seen by their rival, McVitie's, after they sponsored James Pond 2 - Codename: RoboCod, which led to an increase in their sales.



As you can see, they did not add the star markings on Ecco's head that the game lore states marks him out from other dolphins, but he does have an embroidered Sega logo on his tail.


He's a nice-looking plush, who has the same endearing look as Ecco's on-screen sprite. He's also very soft, both in the fabrics used, and in his stuffing.


His side-tag indicates that the plushes for the promotion he came from were sourced from a company called Down Imports, Ltd.;

S N 15 3JW



Last but not least, these two images show both sides of the cardboard hang-tag that was originally attached to Ecco's right flipper. I always found this hang-tag somewhat entertaining, because it's a nice and somewhat corny example of 1990s computer/video game character marketing;

look out for
... hero
of the

It's more than a little strange to promote a gentle creature from a game that some consider as being somewhat "artsy" as a hero of the underworld! But such is how things were at that time. I do like the fact that they made the background of the tag resemble the backgrounds from the game's dialogues, though.

Anyway, that's the official Ecco the Dolphin plush, and this post hopefully documents him nice and thoroughly. (y)


Fantastic mate. What other plushes do you have? the only one I have is a Wario one.
Plenty, haha! Though I do collect other things, my main gaming merchandise collecting focus is plushes, and I have at least one or two from every game series I like that has had plushes issued.

In cases where official plushes were never issued and may never be, I've got ones that my grandmother knitted for me when I was a kid (I'm sure that she made more video game toys for me than official sources did back then, heheh... :) ), as well as the ones that I make myself.

Anyway, I'm only posting about the more unusual, lesser-known, or otherwise interesting official ones here, though - there's no sense in covering what everyone's seen before, I think. ;)

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