OK - time to give up on the a500.

Well after all the hassle and not getting the few games I did all this for to work on the gotek I took that out, still had some issues with some games on the floppy versions, and then the floppy drive itself started playing up.
I have decided to park the a500 back in its box, and put a basic a1200 out in the man cave as a WHDLOAD machine. I have a spare CF - IDE adapter, ACA1221, and Goliath PSU, and have arranged top pick up a vanilla a1200 from a fellow member on here later this week.
I am actually going to put my existing a1200 motherboard out in the man cave, and take the opportunity to get some work done on the new board (full recap plus some other mods) that I have meant to do for a while, and then use that for my main pride and joy. I thought I might have to sell on my IDE-Fix express to cover some of these costs but may just get away without it. :shhh:

Would still like to get one of those AztecMonster things and give that a whirl but that will have to be next summer at the earliest after all this expense.....


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