P96 v3.4 and Voodoo card issue - resolved

I tend to use this blog as a historical record of my various amiga issues and how they get resolved, so when I forget in future exactly what I did, I know where to look. Also thanks to google etc it may end up helping someone else. So, whilst awaiting various parts to progress my checkmate project, I thought I would go back to my towered a1200 which has not had any love (or even been switched on) for some time - its also the only one of my a1200s that is still on AOS 3.2 rather than the latest update.
When I started playing with it I found I had quite a lot of instability and crashes etc, and I cannot remember why but suspect that when I updated AmiSSL and Ibrowse to the latest one, I might have messed with Mui - well anyway, I reverted to an earlier image I had, which was pretty rock solid. It didn't have the updated games repository etc so I copied all that over using WinUAE - which was not as straight forwards as I had expected but eventually I got there - although one game -Emerald Mines CD32 - just would not copy - gave up with that as I don't play it and it was only the CD32 version.
I also updated WHDLOAD to the latest beta that WEPL kindly posted to get around the network port issue (https://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=113743). I needed to add myunitcontrol stuff to double my CF access speed via the Blizzard SCSI, and also add ToolsMenu.

I was left with only one issue which was after playing Raid over Moscow (I do like that game) when I went back to workbench my pointer was invisible. If I then launched another game using keys (via Igame) and then quit out, the mouse was back.
Well, I do have a paid version of P96 but it was from 2021 and so I thought what the hell, I will buy the latest version and see if it clears this issue. Sure enough it did, but as always with the amiga its like a game of whack-a-mole - you solve one issue and it creates another. So what this caused was that the icons within wbdock2 (and actually within other apps as well) were screwed up.

Anyway, Thomas over on EAB shared the following

Try setting the following tool type in the monitor icon:
There is a known defect in the driver that does not interpret the minterms correctly.

And of course this resolved the issue :)

I also subsequently updated both voodoo.card and pci.library from the elbox website as there were 2023 releases that I had not seen, but even after that, Thomas' fix was still required.
It all seems pretty solid now which is great.
Almost the only thing to do on this machine now is to update from 3.2 to After taking another backup of course...........

EDIT - actually for posterity (because although I have done this previously, i clearly forgot how to do it today and have had to work it out again) I also get the Workbench Title bar to say "Online" or "Offline" by putting Roadie in the WBStartup drawer and adding "%e RoadshowOnline" to the screen title format line in Workbench in prefs. I do something similar with my TF1260 setup to show the current CPU speed.


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