Pac-Man 25th Anniversary Plush

To mark the grand occasion of Pac-Man being added to the roster of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, here's a post about a Pac-Man plush!


This is a "DX" type Japanese arcade prize plush, released in 2005 to mark Pac-Man's 25th anniversary. This classic look for Pac-Man is the one that was chosen for his appearance in the new Super Smash Bros. games, as opposed to the way he looks in the current Pac-Man television series, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, and its associated merchandise.

Though a number of people mistakenly believe that his limbs and other features were added for later games, the Japanese cabinet for Pac-Man's first game has always shown that he's had them all along.


Pac-Man's right arm is supposed to be upright so that he's giving a thumbs-up, but his arm just flops by his side, instead, due to there being no stuffing in it. I suspect that this is a manufacturing defect, as I can't see any way that it could have been caused after he was made.


Unfortunately, the vinyl-coated fabric used for his gloves and boots has fallen victim to the "flaking" problem that I've mentioned in a couple of other blog entries. Luckily for Pac-Man, it hasn't affected him *too* badly.

Pac-Man was sold to me as being in mint condition, and when the online store that I ordered him from went to pack him up for me and found that he wasn't, due to the flaking issue, they offered me the choice of another item from the Pac-Man section of their store at no extra cost to make up for the error (I picked out a small plush of Ms. Pac-Man). This was amazingly nice of them, and I remain grateful for that to this day.

A lighter-weight, floppier version of this plush, made from less-fancy fabrics, was later made as a crane game prize for Namco-run arcades in the US.


Here are mine. Not many as I've only just started looking out for them at the car boot. The large Wario was given to me by a mate. I'm well chuffed to have picked the Sonics up. Wario+Sonic both my favorite games!

Great start to your collection! I don't know why, but I'm incredibly amused by the mini-Wario peeking out in the middle there - he just looks so damn happy to be there. :D

Actually, now that's set me wondering. I wonder if they've ever issued a plush of Wario wearing his explorer getup from the first Wario Land game? I loved that outfit.
That's Wario for you! He's gotta be in the middle. You'll have to let me know of any plushes that you'd want if I come across any at my local car boot. I'm going quite a lot recently now the weather's good. Never looked out for these but I am now. I only pay a couple of quid if that so if you wanted any at cost and postage let me know what sort you'd want.
Wow, thanks very much for the offer!

I'm not actually seeking anything right now, but I'll keep it in mind. Thanks! (y)

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