Ratchet & Clank 1:6 Scale Plushes

From one cute spacefaring creature to another, today we have the adventurous Lombax, Ratchet, and his little robot buddy, Clank, to show.


In a rarity for video game plushes, these two are stated to have been made at 1:6 scale, which gives us a little bit of game trivia: According to these plushes, Ratchet is 4'6" tall, and Clank is 3'6" tall excluding his antenna.

This also means that they're a perfect fit for the 1:6 scale Space Invaders cabinet that I wrote about recently!

Whilst Ratchet's eyes are not true to his in-game form, the plush still captures his essence perfectly. Clank is dead-on, too, and also has a jointed neck and shoulders, making him somewhat poseable.


These plushes are quite recent, and can still be found with a bit of looking. Aren't they adorable? (y) I think they're a hell of a lot better than the utterly terrifying ones that quickly replaced them on the market;




Ah nice, definitely liking the originals. Great game series as well. A friend of mine gave me a Wario plush, I'll have to post a pic of it.
Please do - that'd be awesome! (y) There's been a few Warios over time, though not anywhere near as many as Mario. For some reason, I don't have one. :LOL: I always preferred Luigi, though!

As for Ratchet & Clank, the 2015 animated movie will probably bring more merchandise, too! I'm also hoping that the Sly Cooper one that will follow in 2016 will net some stuff, too. Both of these, interestingly, are being made by a studio considered an unknown by most, but which is actually one of the most influential CGI studios of all time - they're called Rainmaker now, but in their earliest days, they were were responsible for the iconic "Money For Nothing" music video, and, later, the TV series "ReBoot", under the name of Mainframe Entertainment.

Sorry for the big diversion from the subject of merchandise, there! Animation is another topic that interests me. (y)
Ahh Reboot! There's a TV series I haven't heard of for years! I absolutely loved that series. I'll have to definitely keep my eye out for the R&C film, thanks for letting us know about that matey.

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