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Apologies that this is not computing but I know a few here are guitarists. I've had a Westone Thunder-1A guitar since the eighties. The volume and tone knobs are a bit tired now and I've always wanted to make some as per the original and I know the Westone owners are sometimes looking out for repro's. They are a brass knurled part with an internal broached hole to fit onto the potentiometers. The first photo is the original tone control for the active circuit.


Looking into how they were made I found that nobody makes a knurling tool to match the original pattern so I had to make one, or rather a couple of knurling wheels. It was great fun heating them up to bright orange and plunging them in water to harden them.


I got cracking on the lathe and after a bit of a trial run I started to get some results with the knurls.


Wish I had a larger lathe as mine struggles a bit with the forces required to push the knurls into the brass bar. But I'm really happy with the result.


After knurling, the ends are drilled and counter-bored ready fro broaching, then parted off into the correct length.

For the markings on the tone control I tried using letter and number punches. Also made a custom arrow punch and a jig to place the punches over the part, but I'm having some difficulty getting consistency. I may go to a local laser engraver to get them finished.

Here are some almost complete, just need broaching.



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