Return to the Amiga 1200 - My Journey - Part 7

Part #7 - An eclectic mega mix of updates

Well, another few days have passed and there's been quite a bit of activity on the various sub-projects going on as part of my journey back to the Amiga 1200.

So - let's dive straight in !

1) Disks (Revisited)

I gave a pretty big update on a collection of "blanks" I picked up recently. I've now pulled out a ton of branded disks for my base supply, but will definitely have a ton to sell. The "sticky stuff remover" has arrived - amazing product by the way - I'm just waiting on the labels. I bought a few rolls of "new" old stock from the US at a good price - once they get here, it'll be relabelling, formatting (once my Amiga is back and re-assembled - more on that shortly) then eventually adding to my first For Sale post in bundles of 10. All nice and refurbished.

There has been another development on the Disk front though. As you may recall from my first post, when I sourced the Amiga, it didn't come with any Workbench disks. I got 2.0.5 with the bundle of disks above, but I'm wanting a set of 3.1 disks. I've had my eye out to pickup a set when I found a good price. Well - I dropped on a lot which didn't break the bank which included a full set. It also had all the other supplied disks & manuals which came with the Amiga 1200 Magic Pack (Pinball Mania etc.). Here's the parcel when it arrived:


It also had a TON of other original disks and games with it - the disk box is crammed full. Zero copies / blanks included here, so all the disks in the bundle are originals ! I'll save listing them all out for the subsequent For Sale post which will be coming, but to whet your appetite from the originals which came with it, these are the ones I'm definitely keeping:

Cannon Fodder 2, Premier Manager, The Settlers, Sensible World of Soccer, Dune II, Epic & Gloom Deluxe.

There are a few in my maybe pile for keeping too - but I want to give them a whirl on my Amiga before I make my mind up on those, and then there are the games I'm happy enough to just sell straight one.

I'll obviously be keeping a hold of the Workbench 3.1 Disks and a large majority of the Magic Pack manuals and software too.

2) Eek! A mouse !

Well, both mice have now arrived. Here they are side-by-side:


Don't look much different do they ? Well - that's kind of the point. So - before I make my *final* decision on which one I'm keeping, i'm 99% sure it's going to be the one with the laser. Maybe it's just from years now of using a PC mouse, but it just feels "right" when it's floating over the mouse mat. The rollerball one - definitely retro and nostalgic, but the laser is where it's at for me at the minute. It'll be a quick decision I'm sure once I've had them both wired up to the Amiga for a quick test.

3) Just finish with this darn workspace refurb already

OK - this is dragging on. It's not even that big a project so it'll feel anti-climactic I'm sure, but the key item for it is really being a pain to get a hold of. I sourced one, they couldn't deliver, I sourced another - the stock system was wrong and it was out of stock - I've now sourced *another* - due for delivery Tuesday. Let's see. I've got an update post for this near enough ready to go...

4) Joystick's, Take Two

My update on joysticks was pretty recent - essentially I've now got 2 sub-projects going on here. Zip Stik #2 & the Slip Stik. The wires and crimps arrived today, so I'm going to be wiring up the Zip Stik #2 a little later. I'm still confident this is going to turn out fine. Unfortunately the Slip Stik hit a road bump. One of the parts from the US was wrong - and they don't have the actual fire button I need. I'm going to have to keep my eye out for a broken one I think and try to make a working one from two broken ones. If anyone has a fire button for a Slip Stik lying around they don't need or want, please let me know - until I can source one the Slip Stik upgrade and repair is on hold.

5) Where's my Amiga ??

Fantastic news on this one. The inner workings of my Amiga are on their way back ! I got a couple of messages from Steve over at Amiga Passion this week. The first one was to let me know the Keyboard had ultimately needed a new membrane - but was fixed. The second was a tracking number as it's all recapped now and ready for reassembly. The tracking has it landing back with me on Tuesday 2nd June. Looks like Tuesday is going to be a busy day (well, evening - I'm at work through the day).

The 8MB Expansion Card & Kickstart 3.1 ROMs are also winging their way to me. Actively tracking those too, which are due to land next week aswell.

Super excited at this point in time !

6) Re-priotise, re-adjust, re-evaluate

OK - my initial journey back to the Amiga 1200 is nearly complete - fingers crossed. So that both any interested reader and myself know where we're at and what's next for this thread, here's a re-work of what's in hand, what's up next and what's left to do - with each likely to get a post - in no particular order:

- Reassemble the Amiga (pretty obvious this one) - including: Add 8MB Expansion card, upgrade to 3.1 Kickboot ROM's & get the IDE HDD (CF Flash) working with WHDLoad.
- Complete Zip Stik #2 internal reconstruction.
- Get an internet connection to the Amiga 1200 (PCMCIA)
- Finish my workspace upgrade
- Pull together two For Sale threads. One for Hardware, One for Software.

7) What's next, after this journey is complete ?

During the course of this project, I've had an idea for another informative post of some sort. As I've engaged with a lot of vendors here, I'm going to pull together a review post of sorts. Outlining my experiences, timeframes and quality of service/work from each. It may come in handy for others when choosing where to get products from, or it may not. It will be completely my own opinions so can be taken with a pinch of salt but I've had quite a lot of varied experiences.

Other topics I'm also toying with are; building a variable autofire switchbox, creating my own custom HDD Workbench Image, connecting a Wireless Laser printer & tinkering with getting the Techno Turbo Sound adapter into my Audio setup. Those will be new projects though, so each will get a separate post as I embark upon or complete them.

That's all for a later day though - for now, completing this first journey is my number one priority - it's nearly time for that retro gaming goodness !

So - until next time...

Best regards,


It's back - reassembled - and a few teething problems I'm working through. I'll be posting a substantive update at some point. I've just got a little ..sidetracked .. ;)

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