So whats been going on.....

Hmm - since all my previous disasters, what have I managed:

- Well, I have swapped the motherboard from My checkmate a1200 out into the wedge and put the wedge one back in the checkmate
- I have flashed the 68090 firmware onto my TF1260 -which was not as straightforward as the last firmware flash, if for no other reason than the new motherboard did not have a chamfered edge connector and so I ended bending back a pin, which then required sorting (nothing is ever easy....) and the firmware didnt take at first, but now all good.
- I didnt refit the CD drive into the checkmate as - well - I just couldnt be bothered and that really was a 'because I can' kind of thing. Its a shame to not be using the little cable adapter to combine the CD and Paula sounds so maybe I will put that back in one day.
- I got a new 3d printed eject button for the floppy drive - just went for grey as I like the contrast
- I am still having issue with the network PCMCIA of the checkmate - It worked when I had the motherboard out naked. It may be the one of the two 90degree connecters that I use the flip the PCMCIA port round inside the case, and alongside this. It coincided with some internet issues at home which didnt help. I still have issues with Supercars2AGA and not being able to shut down the network as well (when it works). I was using the internet to set the time on bootup as the TF1260 has no RTC and the RapidRoad is on the clockport (and see my previous posts if you want to know why I am not going near a clockport expander), but now I have one of those Gayle adapters with its own clockport and hence RTC, and I load the time from that RTC via a startup sequence command. (Pic will be attached hopefully).
- I have upgraded the checkmate to 3.2.2 roms and OS, and am softloading ehide1.2 for the minute (not noticing much difference).
- I had an issue where EDIT wouldnt save the changes to the CF card - it looked like it had until I rebooted - I have replaed ED with REDIT which works well but there may be some underlying problem.
- I am going to try and use one of those USB to ethernet adpaters with the RapidRoad to potentially get around my network issues. - I only now use the net for accessing Aminet, a shared drive at home, checking/updating WHDLOAD slaves, and the odd time sync, so I don;t really need a fast connection. Might solve my supercars2AGA issue.
- I am still looking at ways of getting the drive LED on the checkmate to show the activity on the TF1260 ehide, but more on that another time........

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