Super Mario Yahtzee Set

I like dice quite a lot, and have a collection of unusual ones. I'll write about those some other time, as today I'm writing about a very specific part of my dice collection, which also overlaps with my collection of video game merchandise. It's an officially-licensed Yahtzee game set, based on the Super Mario series.


Here's the dice shaker. It's modelled after the iconic "?" Blocks first seen in Super Mario Bros. for the NES.


And here's a look at the inside, which reveals two things;

1: A set of five Super Mario-themed d6s (that is, six-sided dice).

2: No lining! This means that this dice shaker is as noisy as all hell.


Last of all, here's a closer look at the faces of the dice. The images are as follows, in the order of the number that they're associated with on the face of each die;

Coin (1)
Super Mushroom (2)
Fire Flower (3)
Yoshi Egg (4)
Star Man (5)
Green Koopa Troopa Shell (6)

The dice feel solid, and the shaker is a great-looking one, even if it is extremely noisy to use. A superbly geeky addition to any dice collection. (y)


Where did you buy this set Nin? they are brilliant. Have you played Zombie Dice?
They were actually a Christmas present, along with another unique part of my dice collection (I'll write about that in my next blog entry, I think).

I haven't played Zombie Dice, as I don't know anyone else who's into this sort of thing! I tend to use my dice primarily for writing and some free-form solo RPG'ing, for which I favour a combination of the USR System and Other Skylines, though I don't get to do a lot of this, due to the aforementioned not knowing others who are into such things! I'm hoping to pick up a set of Rory's Story Cubes, which should make solo stuff a lot easier, as per this idea on BoardGameGeek. (y)

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