Taming Ikaruga: Chapter 1-1

Hi all

Over the last month or so I've picked up a few shoot em ups for the 360, the PS2 and the GameCube. The first shoot em up I started with was Project X and St Dragon back in the day, both on the 500+, both of which I loved but was never any good at.

So, first of all I picked up Gradius V for the PS2, which is an awesome game. Then I picked up Bullet Soul Infinite Burst, Deathsmiles, DoDonPachi Resurrection and Akai Katana for the 360, all of which are again awesome. Even tho they are great, in all departments, I find the scoring system and slight differences between each 'mode' quite confusing, so they'll be my next personal challenge later on. So finally I've always wanted Ikaruga for the GameCube, so I picked up the NTSC version, which runs at full 60Hz without the frame skip hoo-ha of the PAL version. I find Ikaruga difficult yes, but it's much easier to see what's going on, thus giving me a chance to put the scoring system / game mechanics in to action as they're intended.

This brings me to my personal challenge of actually becoming relatively decent at a shoot em up! My aim is to loosely document my progress through the game, stage by stage, and record a good run. (Sorry this first run is not my best, infact it's crap). Luckily, the game includes demos of pretty good runs, which I'm trying to imitate just to get a feel of how to score. This includes when to be in which polarity in order to cause more damage or absorb bullets (to stock pile missiles) and the order of which to shoot enemies to maximise chaining. Luckily the GC version has a slow mo practice mode!

So, for Chapter 1-1, my max score was 402K. (I'm not starting off very good as I forgot the precise score). That also included what I assume to be two bonus waves at the end. I'm not sure on the bonus waves so far, I can't quite tell if they're score triggered or time based or what. Sometimes I get them, sometimes I don't.

Here's an updated video witha 374060 score, minus the last bosus wave

I will try to record a 'good' run for each of the following stages. My camera isn't the best so sorry about that. Any tips on scoring etc please post em up!


Ah I see it's the GC version 😄

there are a couple of other good shmups for the cube ported from the DC that can be played with your crt in Vert.
Radirgy GeneriC
Shikigami no Shiro II

I have both.
I'm trying to 1cc shikigami at the mo.

shmups are my favourite genre, but I'm no where near an expert, so it's great to see a blog about the learning curve, aposed to the guys that are a bit elitist over on other forums.
I'll have to carry on with it! I replied on your other comment but basically I've had very little time and I'm just knackered all the time with the new job, there's always something I need to do or tweak from home so I can't escape atm! Is no Shiro on the Wii? I'm sure I've heard of that from the Wii, maybe I'm wrong, but I have seen Radirgy, altho maybe I'll be upset when I see how much it costs lol. I have no idea! I've never beena shmup fan, but over the last year I keep seeing them on top games lists that I thought maybe I'm missing something, so I bought this, and Deathsmiles, Bullet Soul infinite Burst, and a couple of others on the 360 that I can't remember atm. There's some fantastic ones on the 360, I was really surprised.

What other shooters have you got?

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