Tiki the Kiwi!

I was always surprised that, for all its popularity, Taito's arcade game, The NewZealand Story, wasn't merchandised more.

When I was a youngster, my grandmother made me a knitted version of the game's protagonist, Tiki the Kiwi. Unfortunately he was lost many years ago. However, I was thrilled when I found that an official Tiki plush had existed - so much so that I started using a deputy service in order to purchase items from Yahoo! Auctions Japan in order to get myself one.




He's as soft and cuddly as you'd imagine him to be from seeing him on-screen in the game.

His eyes are strips of ribbon, affixed to his face with strong fabric glue. Unfortunately, the tops and bottoms did not have extra glue added to prevent fraying, and one eye has a slight bit of this already going on at the bottom. I plan to address this issue myself, soon.

At least two other plushes exist in this series to my knowledge. They are Nyabot (the robotic cat enemy that appears throughout the game), and Phee-Phee (Tiki's girlfriend, who's kidnapped at the start of the game along with all of the other kiwis). All three known plushes in the series were made in both fur-fabric and non-fur-fabric versions. Phee-Phee is the only one who doesn't have ribbon eyes - instead, hers are stitched, to give them a slightly narrower, more feminine appearance.

As you can see above, I have the fur-fabric version of Tiki. I also have the non-fur-fabric version of Phee-Phee, and the fur-fabric version of Nyabot.


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