TOP 10 Amiga Games

In 1991, The Amiga came along when I bought and it was best things I ever done!

What was the most games I used played from 1991 to 2000 and here my TOP 10 of Amiga games I used played that are my Favorites Games...

1) Senisble World of Soccer - Pick Any team in the world, I love Building my Team and take them to the top! What is amazing about is that come 50 Leagues in the world with all Players data, Team Colours shirt, hairs and so on onto just 2 Disks! Amazing!

2) Turrican 2 - Lots harder than C64 Versions, it had everythings you want with Amazing Music, great graphics and gameplay :)

3) Pinball Fantasies - I have played it too much, SpeedDevil and Stone n Bones are my fav table and again, Music is amazing and so it the games :)

4) Apidya - Love the game, Finished it. The Music was out of this world and I still got the Boxed game itself :)

5) Supercar 2 - Best Music Menu Intro by far. I have finished easy and medium but on hard level is very challange that not been finished yet! Great play with friends on this one:)

6) Lemmings - Simple game

7) The Secret of Monkey Island - Amazing Adventure Point n Click with Good sense of Humors :)

8 ) Banshee - Took most of it out of Amiga 1200 and I enjoy playing it as it is long levels with some boss to take out.

9) Stunt Car Racer - Somethings different to most of the game out there. It all about controlling your car on Cliff path and when you feeling the pressure to get pass computer car when you are in tight bend or jump ramp is so enjoyable and rewarding when you win!

10) Geoff Crammond F1 Grand Prix - When first come to Amiga and I found it hard to believe that I seeing 3D Racing F1 Game and it was amazing for time. I played with it my two friends on this game where you setup own F1 Car and go for Qualifier lap to see who got the Pole Positions then Real Race begin! :)

I had good look at top 100 Amiga History games and it was very difficult narrow down to my TOP 10 games but above is what I used played the most.

Now for my other games that I used played are

Vroom ( Fastest Game ever!)
Rick Dangerious 1 and 2
Alien Breed: Tower Assault( Hard Game!)
Alien Breed: Special Edition
Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker
Bubble Bobble
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 1 and 2
Super Stardust
Cannon Fodder
R TYPE 1 and 2
Another World
Shadow of the beast 1,2 and 3
Desert Strike
Road Rash
Magic Pocket
The New Zealand Story
Jaguar 220XJ
Cannon Fodder 1 and 2
Speedball 2
The Untouchable
Rainbow Island ( C64 Version is better!)
Monkey Island 2
Pinball Dream
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
MoonstoneBeneath A Steel Sky
Championship Manager 93 and 94
The Manager
Ultimate Soccer Manager
Premier Manager 1 and 2
On the Ball
Football Manager 2
Battle Squadron
Super StarDust
Any Team 17 Games:)
Blood Money
Jungle Strike
Theme Park - Love building own Theme Park and Rollcoaster :)
F 19 and F29 Retailator
Super Hang on
Pac Mania
Pipe Mania
Golden Axe
Ghoul N Ghost
Joe Blade( Atari 65XE Versions is the best version along with C64!)
RUFF N Tumble

I cant think of anymore Amiga games that I have played

What Games should I have played before switching PC

Pinball Illusions

The Next Blogs will be about PC Games :-D Stay Tune :)


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