Being Owned Gamecube with Resident Evil 4. I love my gamecube due Small size and also know Fast Loader too!

What the Most game I used played on my Top 10

1) Resident Evil 4 - Best Version by far. Best Horrors game I have played.

2) Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader - Best Starwars game by far and it like being in film but you controlling it :) Mind Blowing!

3) F Zero GX - The Fastest and Toughest Game there is. 30 Cars on screen at once is great achivement. The speed is amazing :)

4) Resident Evil - Good Remake of it and this time, The zombie will open the door to Hunted you and be ready for it ! I have to say it is Hard game!

5) Metroid Prime - Bit like Turrican in 3D

6) Ikaruga - Fast Pace Shoot em up, Bullets is everywhere and you need fast reactions to avoild all Bullets hells!

7) Billy Hatcher and the giant Egg - So much fun with rolling the eggs and smashing all the Enemys :)

8 ) Die Hard Vendetta

9) Starwars Rebel Strike - Same first Starwars but this time, It different Setting theme(Snow!) Still Enjoyable game.

10) Super Mario Sunshire or The Legend of Zela Windwaker - Both are Excellent game as both are different with graphics and gameplay too.

What other gamecube I have played

Killer 7Mario Kart Double Dash
Freedom Fighter
Soul C 2
Resident Evil 1,2,3,4

What games I should have played

Metal Gear Soild - Twin SnakesBattalion Wars
Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition
Luigi's Mansion
Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat
Beyond Good And Evil
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
Eternal Darkness
Super Smash Bros. MeleeStar Fox AdventuresStar Fox Adventures
The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

I cant think anymore what Games I should have played. It look like I have got lots of gamecube games to catch up on!

The Next Blogs will be about Dreamcast :-D Stay Tune


I've yet to get a copy of Ikaruga, I really need some good looking shoot em ups in my collection. I've just bought Megaman Anniversary Collection from the states so if you haven't tried them I'll post up let you know, I'm a little worried about the emulation and the controller but hey. F-Zero GX does indeed look the nuts but I haven't got that. It's said to be pretty hard and I'm not a fan of how Wipeout type games handle so I think my money is best spent elsewhere. Freedom Fighters is fantastic, I can imagine from the box art it would be the last one picked by many but I loved the AI, the atmosphere and level design worked really well. Still looking for a copy of Twilight Princess at an affordable price but still eludes me.
An updated version of Ikaruga is available from the Xbox 360 online store and is worth getting. You can also play the original arcade version via MAME.

Regarding games on the GCN, the 2 games I spent the most time playing were Mario Sunshine and Luigi's Mansion. Both games offer so much gameplay and I never did finish either game 100%. Really must go back to them at some point. :)

The Resident Evil remake was brilliant too, as was Resident Evil Zero.

A sadly overlooked game console with some amazing first party and Capcom releases.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was another good game for the system, able to use GBAs as controllers, utilising their own displays for additional information... and a feature again not used that much, with the idea copied from the Dreamcast controller's built in VMU screen.

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