TOP 10 PSP Games

The SONY PSP is amazing Handheld to own one and also they have amazing game librarys to played too.

So what is the most games that I used to played....Here my top 10

1) Ultimate Ghosts N Goblins - Best version by far, It had everythings you want in game but it is Hard game...not the hardest like Snes version!

2) Ridge Racer - When it first came out and it blow everyone away including me!

3) GTA Liberty City - Who ever thought it ever come to small Handheld of GTA. So much things to do.

4) Metal Slug Anthology - I love the game itself as best 2D NEO GEO all you will ever seen and best of all is that you can play all 6 Metal slug game in ONE Disc! This is must have for any PSP owner for their collections!

5) Outrun 2006 - Brilliant Racer game on small PSP Handheld :)

6) Wipeout Pure - Fast and Furious game and you got fight what in front of you!

7) Football Manager - I like oringal one where took from team from League two to Top of Premier League in just 6 Seasons :) Amazing! Who ever thought I would be playing football manager on Handheld when before it wasnt possible.

8 ) Tekken: Dark Resurrection - Good Beat em up :)

9) Gradius Collection - Great Shoot em up and must have for any PSP Owners :)

10) Puzzle World - Such teris, Pang, Super Street fighter puzzle - Good Puzzle game.

What other games I have played

Ridge Racer 2
Puzzle World
Ratchet Clank Size Matter
Every Extend Extra
Killzone: Liberation ( Really Hard game!)
Pro Evo Soccer
Burnout Legends
Everybody's Golf

Fight Night

What games I should have played

God of War: Chains of Olympus
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
God of War: Ghost of Sparta
Resistance Retribution
Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny

I cant think anymore on what PSP Games I should have played....

The Next Blogs will be about Playstation 3 Games :-D Stay Tune :smile:


The PSP had an amazing library of games that I'm still exploring. Combine that with the emulation you could run on a Softmodded PSP and it is one of the best handhelds released to date, next to the DS. I like it's successor, the Vita, even more in terms of hardware, but it's game libaby is very small by comparison.

Another series of games I really enjoyed on the PSP was Lego, especially the Star Wars games. They didn't play as well on the PC IMO.

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