Unusual Gaming Plush - Nyamco, from Mappy

Mappy, by Namco, is one of those arcade games that's sadly not as well-remembered as it deserves to be (or, indeed, as other games of its era are). It was based on modified Super Pac-Man hardware, and is an unusual platformer where Mappy, a mouse who is a member of the "Micro Police", has to retrieve stolen goods from a cat (or should that be a cat-burglar?) named Nyamco (who was renamed "Goro" in the North American release), who was given the curious title of "Boss the Big Bit".

Though it has seen several re-releases over the years, the game has never really seen very much merchandising.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered this little guy for sale (and bought him, as Mappy is one of my favourite arcade games);




It's a small official plush of Nyamco. He's modelled on his promotional artwork, rather than his in-game appearance.


Strangely, I've been unable to find any evidence that a similar plush of Mappy himself exists. I really like Nyamco, though, so I'm glad to have him in my collection.


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