Viper 68060 by ACT Elektronik

The accelerator was bought with an 040 around 2004/5 and around 2011 or so I upgraded it to an 060 and it's been running fine in my 1200 Tower but about a few years ago I've noticed that it would take 2 or more power cycles for it to boot...then 4 or more until I had to 'investigate' further:ninja:

So here's what I tried so far:

- CPU tested ok

- ram module tested ok

- voltage regulator tested ok

- 060 tested ok

- oscillator tested ok

- reflowed solder joints at the connector

- checked for any shorts/ bad solder joints

- cleaned a zillion times the A1200 connector and Viper connector

I'm out of ideas here... I have no idea why when it starts up it works great and can stay on for days working fine but once I power down my 1200 then it's a crap shoot of black screens until it boots up again having to fiddle the Viper a mm here or there to put some antistatic bag on the side or bottom etc. and pray it starts

Anyone here have or owned one of these boards?
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I will follow and try to assist you on this journey as we share a common problem. I don’t mean to hijack your thread, but provide info about what I have done.

I have more or less the exact same issue. Some history of my board. I bought it from a guy who hadn’t tinkered with it at all (no accelerator or nothing). I recapped it and bought an Apollo card (remade 040 into 060). Bought an indivision mk2. Bought a RTC card. At this point the Amiga worked good, but I would at times stash it away for months and come back to it.

At some point I noticed that it would require two boots to start. I am unsure if I only needed a soft reboot or if the second restart also was a hard one.

Eventually it wouldn’t boot at all. It wouldn’t notice the Apollo or would have a black screen. I would fiddle with the card and sometimes it would boot up.

Thinking it was the card that was at fault, I had the 060 cpu moved to a TF1260, and got it installed yesterday.

Sadly it didn’t solve the problem either.

If I remove the accelerator card the Amiga boots up. I usually have to select no startup sequence to get it to boot normally as I have a lot of programs starting up during boot.

One suggestion from other forum users to my problem was to buy a new PSU. I measured my PSU which looked good, but to remove every doubt I bought a new one from c64psu. This had no effect either.

Are there any measurement points on the motherboard one can measure with an multimeter to determine if there are circuits that can be at fault? I don’t have access to an oscilloscope.
@ phiwer

hmm this is the opposite issue I’m having with my Viper as my A1200 runs rock solid with both my 030 and also my TF1260 so I know my Amiga isn’t the problem. Based on your testing it’s pretty safe to say that your accelerators are not the issue so first thing I’d do is run the full tests from AmigaTestKit and make sure all is in order i.e. timing, memory etc.

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