Watch out for Fake Games.....

It is been long time since I post blogger !!

When come buying Retro Game carts such as Sega Megadrive, Snes, Neo Geo Aes(Bit harder to open thought!), Any Gameboy carts, you have right to check the boxed, Label and inside cart too.

IF you seen Any Black blob(look like black circle and bit of ramp to it) on Any Game Carts then You know it is FAKE.......

The Real one is where they have Real Chip Rom with NO Black Blob.....and sometime they have Batteries in it to save your game is real too.

So Next time when you buy off someone and make sure you got Tool Special Screwdriver open Megadrive, Snes, Any Gameboy, Game gear cart to look inside.

The NEO GEO AES seem bit harder to open , You need two tools to open the NEO GEO AES cart and you have do it really carefully because if you open too fast, the chance are that you torn the Labels easily and you have do it slowly to open it and have good look at rom chip and compare it to NEO GEO AES Guide on internet where they have REAL Picture of NEO GEO AES Cart board.

Now you know what to do when come buying Retro game cart!


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