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I always wanted Worms plushes when I was a youngster. I was absolutely hooked on the Game Boy version back in 1996, and never went anywhere without it (even though it was actually possible for the computer players to knock you out of a match early on, leaving you watching them duking it out for the next fifteen minutes with no input whatsoever).

It wasn't until early 2012 that official Worms plushes finally became available, although I got mine in late 2013, as they somehow passed me by when they were released. They were made by GameOnStuff, and they're available in several designs - Classic (which has no outfit, hands, or weapons), Pirate, and Army. A Super Sheep was released alongside them, too. All of them were available in small, medium, and large sizes, with the exception of the Super Sheep, where the large version was manufactured by a different company entirely. The small ones have a plastic clip on their heads so that they can be attached to bags, keys, or whatever you should happen to want to attach an anarchic annelid (or an exploding sheep) to.


Additionally, a plush of the canonical Worms character, Boggy B, with detachable and movable hands, weapons, eyebrows, and eyeballs, was released in late 2013. The manufacturer of this plush is not the same as the others - instead, it's Gaya Entertainment, who, funnily enough, also happen to be the manufacturer of the upcoming Bubble Bobble plushes that I've previously written about.


Gaya Entertainment were also responsible for the large version of the Super Sheep plush, which contains a sound-chip which causes the plush to make sounds from the game when squeezed.

When the time came to get an official Worms plush for myself, I picked the medium-sized Army Worm, as I liked his expression and outfit the most.





The little details like having a bazooka and bullets make him more interesting than some of the other plushes in this line, I think.

I did always think that it was a shame that they never made any official Worms plushes in the style of the artwork from the original game, but my grandmother knitted me an entire team of them when I was a kid, so Army Worm wasn't alone when he joined my collection of video game plushes.


First blood!


Your grandma is absolutely amazing. I love hearing about and seeing your game-character toy collection, especially the home-made ones. Those worms are brilliant.
She was one hell of a knitter, aye! A big influence on my present-day toy-making hobby, for sure. (y)

More game character plush posts upcoming, too.

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