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Well I have nothing to add re my projects involving my Checkmated A1200, that will all be for the new year, but I got my A1200 motherboard back from Amigakit (recapped and timing fixes etc), and even got an Omniport to go with the freeway USB. It was all a tight squeeze but its now in there and works.
I do have an issue in that a few of the keys on the left handside of the keyboard (like shift, Ctrl ) don't work. I have ordered a replacement membrane as reseating the cable made no difference.
I also need to decide if I want to stump up the money for an Indy MK3, which would go well with the Omniport, but its a fair chunk of money right now......
Also, what are peoples views on cf cards vs sd cards? I have always used cf cards and currently have one sticking out above the pcmcia slot, but the omniport is set up for a Microsd card.
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Regarding upscalers: I'd rather go for something like the OSSC if that works for your use case.. that way you have a more flexible solution that you can hookup to other devices as well.

The OmniPort was designed with the IceDrake (Vampire) in mind, which has an SD card slot for additional storage. I've always used either a real HDD or a CF card in A600/A1200 for a boot device, and just used a PCMCIA CF card reader for storage as that was enough for me. I think SD makes more sense for external storage because it's much cheaper and more convenient.
I have had another look at the OSSC but am still leaning towards the Indy as a neater inside solution - trying to avoid too many additional boxes and I am not at this point fussed about other device compatibility. Will give this further thought though.

I think I will stick with my existing CF solution for now - for file transfers I either use USB or transfer from a shared network folder at home that all my amigas can access as well as my PC. I tend to keep everything on an 8gb CF card and image that as a backup.

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